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I have been on the “NET” since before it was the “NET” and some of the things that I have noticed have remained true. People are as stupid then as they are now. There are thousands of sites that advertise make thousands a day and do no work. Sorry not possible. If you want to make money on the net you really have to put time and effort into to it. For the most part sites like that charge you a fee to sign up , a fee every month etc. The other game in town is an investment type where you invest and get a large percentage back. How long is it until people figure out that there is no get rich scheme that works, and the cons are likely to put you in jail. Most are obvious cons and if you tried to do them in the regular world you would guarantee you would have the police looking at you. It is time we all smartened up because every con counts on two things, greed and stupidity. Be less stupid and less greedy and the problem will just go away. 
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