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Title Greed Hits New Lows

Seems that industry analysts are predicting that fuel is going to climb once again to $1.20 a litre or higher.

Well isn’t that special , they cite that there is a few refineries that are down and now producing etc. That means that it becomes supply and demand.

What absolute bullshit. In the first place if a refinery is down on production it only affects that company and we all know that there are several. It is just greed in its purest form. It is the same greed that doesn’t allow us to have alternate fuels and fully working just electric cars. I have stated before that one guy in the states has figured out how to run a car on water. It is very real because he breaks down the water into a version of Hydrogen and Oxygen that gets recombined in a special way. He gets 1000 kilometres to a litre of water.

All of that is not in the best interests of the oil companies. Car manufactures that he has approached are ONLY allowed to build a Hybrid car. That way it still uses gasoline.

That is how greed hits a new low. The government is going on and on about Climate Change and putting into the budget for you to get rebates if you buy a hybrid.

Time to make a real change and not just try to look good for the media. Screw the OIL companies and DEMAND that the government make all the technologies available that do not use oil.

I, for one, am tired of turning OIL company execs into Billionaires. By the way a poll stated that 71% of people thought that the oil companies are gouging, so I figure the rest must either work for the Oil companies or are just plain stupid……

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