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Title More Taxes For You
A recent poll asked if you would pay an extra 5cents a litre to help pay for research into greener fuels. The poll for the rest of Canada leans towards a yes and in Alberta it leans towards no. So what does it all mean? It means that the government is looking for another way to gouge you once again. A fair deal of the cost of a litre of gas is taxes, whether hidden or not. Most are hidden and they have tax on tax. Gst is a prime example of that. When it comes to greener fuels they already know that they can add grain alcohol to it in percentages higher then 5% , up to 20% is possible. For diesel fuel they know that they can make it out of grain oil. It burns cleaner and has no sulphur in it at all. All this goes down to is a lot of Canada is jaded against Alberta because it has oil money. It also means that you pay more for a lot of stuff to live there. At some point if Ottawa keeps pushing their agenda Alberta may end up separating from the rest of Canada. Its all smoke and mirrors . 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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