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Title Justice served Cold
Seems Naomi Campbell was in a bit of trouble. Went and threw something at an employee and was charged with assault. Now we all know that in the circus of lawyers not too much was really gonna happen to her. For you or me it could get a little troublesome in the courts. As it turns out she was found guilty and received community service for her misdeeds. That also happens in quite a few cases and even though some may think that fines and jail time are in order rarely does that happen over a minor offence. In her case it was special, instead of a fine easily paid she has to mop floors for 5 days at the sanitation dept. What makes it so special is that it is demeaning to her and of course beneath her. She assaulted one of her cleaning staff so I think the justice on par with the course…. 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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