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Title Global Warming TaxCode
The government of Canada has decided to put half a billion dollars into Global Warming research. Another bite me Tax in the making. At some point you will have to foot the bill. Letís get some facts straight. Is global warming real, why yes it is. What is causing it? They really have no idea but if you can blame something and then tax the hell out of it then lets do that. One main fact that most donít understand is that this planet is too close to the sun to have ice on it. For millions of years the entire planet was tropical. Hey we had dinosaurs. Figure it out. Now we have an Ice Age about every 10 thousand years, followed of course by a warming trend. One thousand years ago most of Europe and North America was quite temperate in the winter. It started getting cooler and they invented the FIREPLACE. So is it a natural thing or a man made thing. Well to be sure it is not wise to pollute this planet as we have been doing but there is no real evidence that we are causing Global Warming. Final note is this, they will introduce a way for us too pay for Global warming research and or consequences. Donít be naÔve in believing that they will just tax the Fossil fuel industry. The big Oil Companies will just pass the cost onto YOU. 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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