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Title And now a Word from our Sponsors

Advertising is the best business in the world because you get to con people into buying both good and bad products. There really aren’t a lot of rules they have to follow and even blatant lies they can get away with for years.

That is really the governments fault because when businesses make money the government is happy and looks the other way. A few products that were on the market were shown to have no effect at all so finally the government agency responsible for that told them to change their ad.

It was modified slightly, leaving the general message intact. That is why you can have people selling hair growing products that don’t work, food that is really bad for you and so much more.

Maybe it is time to take a stand and start posting everywhere on the web all the bad products and all the bad claims. That will hit them where they live , in the money.

What do you think?

Author TrueLiars Staff

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