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Title The Blame Game
It is sad that a fourteen year old young girl dies. It is even sadder to find out her mother may have been the one who killed her. The mother has been charged and the police have stepped up their investigation more then likely to prove she was the one. The family wants answers and that I can understand. What I fail to understand is that they blame the police for not doing more. As the story goes, police have been to the house on complaints of domestic violence on several occasions. Presumably this was because of the mother and daughter. They did their little deal, calmed things down and went away. The family says why they didnít do more? Why didnít they stop this from happening in the first place? Well in the first place most police arenít aware of crimes that may happen in the future. Secondly they showed up to diffuse a situation. They may have deemed that they helped as much as they could at the time. What the real question is why the family of these two people did nothing. They are playing the blame game because after all it must be someone elseís fault. The fact that they sat back and didnít do anything makes them more responsible then anyone else. Take responsibility , when you see something that just isnít right , step up. Defend , talk , help and maybe less shit will happenÖ... 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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