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Title Upside Down
Well after all of the shit over BSD ( the Mad cow disease ) you would think we would learn something. It was quite a few years back that the industry was banned from using animal parts for feed for cattle. That was a good thing because cattle are not supposed to eat meat. The eat vegetation and their systems are designed for it. What we have found out lately is plants like Lakeside Packers in Brooks Alberta ( a US company ) is still using what is called remnants and our adding them to the feed. THIS is not supposed to happen at all. I have also heard that most of the other plants do much the same thing. This information comes to us from a reliable source , a person who used to work at the plant. This kind of shit has got to stop and stop now. One other think to note is that there is a government Inspection office on location at that slaughter house , fully staff so why are they letting this company get away with this 
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