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Title Let the Fat Rule

There are lots of items in the news over the last few days, the budget and how the government wants it to look all pretty for you.

That would just be an endless bitch to get into. On a more real note, that rarely gets any attention at all except by obscure reference is the fact that the North American population is getting fatter.

That in itself is alarming but not really the main point. It is the absolute waste of food running into millions of metric tons of food wasted everyday. It happens everywhere from the restaurants to your home. You go out and buy food and some of it always goes bad before you eat it.

That is just plain bad planning. You can say ok it’s your money to waste, and it is.

My concern is the hundreds of thousands on this planet that starve to death everyday. They waste nothing and still don’t have enough. There is no easy solution to that either. Yes you can send money to feed the them , and some do. Yes you can send money to help them become self sufficient, and some do.

That is all good, however not really nearly enough.

What I purpose it that you and I stop wasting food and the money we save from not wasting is then sent to help. That will add up to billions of dollars. You won’t miss it anyways because you were just throwing it away.

This way we all share the wealth and just possible some of us will slim down in the process…..

Author TrueLiars Staff

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