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Title Black Gold
So it seems that the price of Gasoline has jumped once again. The one small company I know averages 2500 liters of fuel a month, a jump of a few cents a litre makes a difference. What I have noticed is that the oil companies are not even coming up with excuses anymore. They are just operating on pure greed. The price of OIL has come down so why has the price at the pump gone up. As well not to lose out on the gouge , the government is looking at a CARBON TAX. Woe be it to the average consumer because they have us all by the balls. By now with all the technology available we should not using oil. In fact there is one guy in the USA that has figured out how to make a car run on WATER. It works and works well. There are so many other technologies being suppressed. The car that can run on water is being looked into by a few of the big auto companies but will, when it comes out , only be available as a Hybrid. This just keeps us using oil. The main problem that we face is that the oil companies and the governments work hand in hand and the real losers are us. What we need is a general strike at the pumps, nobody buy fuel for 2 or 3 days and send them that message that enough is enough. 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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