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In the Unites States suing over dumb shit is rampant. A bugler breaks into your house and hurts himself, he can then sue you.

That is just about as dumb as it gets.

In Canada it seems like they want to follow suit. In the newspaper the other day, there is a guy that was working on a farm. Mostly cattle from what I understand. He was working with a new born calf when the mother cow attacked him.

He is suing because it was an unsafe working environment and should have been protected from the cows.

Simple research has pointed out that people who work with cows are told and know that you don’t turn you back on the mother cow. She does have a few instincts and one of them is to protect her calf.

Once again somebody wants payment for thier own stupidity. How long are we going to tolerate this? A new rule should be, if you are stupid, you are on your own and perhaps something bad should happen to you before you wade into the gene pool.

It’s the damn lawyers that are promoting this , so maybe we should sue them.

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