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Title Wolf bane
Wolves have been around for quite sometime. They tend to avoid contact with humans and your chance of seeing one in the wild are very slim. Wolves are also one of the most social of all mammalian pack animals. They live and hunt in harmony, take care of the pups and more. There only real enemy is man. There has never been a case of wolves attacking and eating a human. Some might argue that point, because fear gets the better of us sometimes. Through much of history, man has viewed wolves as the bad guy. You have nursery rhymes that depict the wolf as evil with out any basis in fact. This leads us down the road of fearing what we do not know. It becomes classic on how we view other people and societies. We are willing to hate a race of people for the color of their skin or their religious beliefs. Yes we do have problems with other countries like Iraq at this time but does that make the entire nation worth hating. Should we not despise those that are really responsible for the evil and not an entire race? It is a sad fact that governments and media shape our prejudices at an alarming rate. We are told what to think and how to think about it. Governments always use the spin doctors to make us believe. You can see this all in the Wolf , what did that race do to piss off one person? A person in power at the time. In the USA wolves have pretty much been hunted and victimized into extinction. Is this really the way we want to treat the world. It is time to have our own Ideas, tell the spin doctors to take a hike and form your own conclusions. Do not conform just to fit in. Wolves are wolves and they deserve to live and we all do to…… 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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