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Giveaway of the day is the only online company that I have found to get things right. Everyday you can download free software. No we are not talking about shareware or freeware. How often have you clicked on something that is supposed to be free and find out that it isnít. Also you may find that it is just garbage or freeware anyways. Sometimes they trick you into paying for it. Giveaway of the day is a marketing company with a different idea. They have small software companies that have multiple software suites for sale. What they do is everyday they select a piece of software from one of these companies and allow you to download it. You install it and you get the codes to unlock it. All for free. The only catch is that you must download and install in that 24 hour period . That is the marketing genius behind it. The companies get free advertising , the consumer gets software for free , everybody wins. I hope that more of this happens on a wider scale. It really is truth in advertising , a very rare thing indeed. General disclaimer is this, does not pay me anything for this article nor do I receive anything for it. I recommend them because it is the right thing to do. 
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