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Title Big Brother
It seems like Calgary is looking into having video cameras installed in the downtown core , to help curb crime. Always a reason isn’t there. Lets not mention the fact that cameras only catch the most feeblest of criminals and only if someone is watching that monitor at that time. They have been proven to be grossly ineffective at stopping crime. London England has had the cameras for quite a few years now and crime is on the rise hmmm. Seems that the criminal know that there is only a one in 5 chance that someone is watching the monitor for that particular camera, They also know that because it is in black and white and grainy the odds are even lower that someone watching the monitor will recognize it as a crime. So what is it all about then? Well from what I can figure it will make the non criminals paranoid that someone is watching so they will be good. They already were so hey no improvement. You will tend to stay home more and only go shopping to spend money , making you an contributor to society. As you may know it really is all about control of the masses and fear works the best. A quick story of someone pissed about the cameras in Britain. One dude decided that he would dress up as an alien complete with stilts so he would appear to have backward bending legs. A buddy of his and him went downtown . His buddy to video tape the event and him to wander around the cameras. His costume looked very real and very scary. It took a little while but police finally showed up in mass. They didn’t draw their guns because you never know what weapons an alien may or may not have. It was tense for awhile till he took off his mask and then they were just pissed. Good thing his buddy was filming cause it could have gotten ugly. By the way there is no law about dressing as an alien. He did this because he was pissed that he couldn’t even take a walk with his girlfriend in the downtown core without knowing someone may be watching. To him an infringement on his rights to privacy. Do we now walk the same path and pick on the innocent? Do we not want the police out there doing their jobs and protecting us? I think that they should Server and Protect like their motto says instead of looking to make cash from handing out tickets. A big resounding NO to video cameras , they don’t work anyways….. 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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