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Title Dumb Thieves
A friend of mine has been having car problems. First the water pump went and then the fuel pump. The car is down and due to go into the shop for repairs. The other night some ever so bright criminal attempted to steal the car. They used a hacksaw to saw through the ignition and column. Now I figure that this had to take some time and not just a quick hotwire job. Now also in the car was the stereo and the face plate for it was in the centre console. They never took that, in fact all they really did was wreck the column and ignition. Isnít there a course that they take in jail that teaches them how to steal a car? If they can be that stupid as a criminal, then how stupid are they in real life. Now bear in mind, itís the dumb part that makes them easy to catch, jails are full of that typeÖÖ. 
Author TrueLiars Staff

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